Head Up Camp: December 2-4, 2022, $365

Head up flying is just as fun as it is technical and challenging, come join us for 3 days of just head up flying, learn the fundamentals, exits, break off, and a lot of helpful tips.

This small camp format is perfect for jumpers who are starting to get the hang of head up flying (sit flying) or more advanced flyers who are looking to improve their skills in head up static, movement and transitions in a safe environment.

Camp Format:

- 3 day camp. Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

- Participants will be organized by skill level in groups of 4.

- Groups will stay the same throughout, unless changes are necessary.

- Coaches will rotate every day. Bringing in different flying styles, and ways to explain the techniques in practice.

- 6 jumps per day (more if there is time). About 40 min between jumps. Plan the flight, Go fly, Pack (use a packer), Video debrief, Repeat.


- Must be able to safely fly head up or sit flying in groups of 5 (4 participants plus 1 coach). This means to be able to at least hold the position throughout the skydive.

- 150 jumps minimum or have a recommendation from a coach.

- AADs are mandatory

​NEW POLICY CHANGE: We are changing slightly how you secure a spot in the camps. Since they fill up soooo quickly, we decided to change from "First to pay gets a spot" to "First to fill out the registration form". After you fill out the Interest form, you will then have 3 days to pay for the camp. If someone does not pay in the 3 days, we will open that spot up to the next person on the list. Hopefully this process will help out those people who may have technical difficulties with their PayPal account and will make the whole process a bit smoother.

NEW POLICY CHANGE: Due to DZ policy changes... Everyone registered will pay for every jump their group makes. That includes: missed jumps due to late arrival to the camp, arriving late for a day, left during a weather hold and missed a quick call jump, left the camp early on the last day, etc. Only exemptions would be any physical/mental condition which would make jumping unsafe.

To Register:

-Go to http://teamfly4life.com/events

-Find the particular event you are interested in and click the SIGN UP button.

-Fill out the form.

-When your form submission is approved, we will send you the payment link.

-You have 3 days to pay for your spot and ONLY YOUR PAYMENT SECURES YOUR SPOT IN THE CAMP!!

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE: https://fb.me/e/1Q6FEqSqC