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Team Fly4life is a group of professional skydivers joined together to promote safety and advanced flying techniques, while in a relaxed and fun environment. Based at Skydive Deland, Florida the team caters directly to the skydiver providing organizing and coaching services.


Founded in 2012 by Luis Prinetto and Manuel Guevara as a collaboration to spread their love of flying to their students Fly4life quickly became a world-renowned team with an remarkable following in the skydiving and tunnel-flying community. Richard Scheurich and Claudio Cagnasso joined the team in 2014,bringing with them a wider variety of style and talent. It’s this special blend of all members of Fly4life that make it a multitalented and well rounded team eager to teach advanced flying techniques to their students, as well as to continue to push their own limits and imagination. Oh, and we are from Venezuela. 

Luis Prinetto
Manuel Guevara
Claudio Cagnasso
Richard Scheurich
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